Feb 04, 2017

Risk-taking: the most necessary skill for a successful entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship is closely associated with one’s ability to take risks. Many psychologists, academicians and other experts in the field, strongly believe that risk taking is an entrepreneur’s most needed quality to succeed in life. Risk taking is an essential quality to be a successful individual but there is more to it. The kind of risks that you take in your life should be reasonable.

It is sensible risk taking that matters

Taking risks that are sensible, even if they feel outrageous on surface, it is extremely important to succeed. Seeing in your car and bungee jumping are two good examples. While the latter feels like an extreme activity, it is done in a systematic platform so your chances of injuring yourself are very low. Street racing on the other hand, can kill you if things go wrong.


espite this, you will find many willing participants for street racing but only a handful for bungee jumping. This shows a large number of people are willing to take a risk that could even cost their life but does this make them people with entrepreneurial abilities? The answer is NO! Their risk taking abilities are not sensible and nonsensical risk taking is the recipe for disaster.

But…you can’t succeed in business without risk taking

Do you want a fool-proof, 100% successful recipe for business success? Try smart risk-taking! This is the perfect answer that anyone can give you but the tricky part is separating the smart decisions from the not-that-smart ones. You are not going to make a stupid decision by knowing it is a stupid one. You could have thought it’s the smartest decision-making you’ve done in a very long time. Perhaps you will realize that your decision is stupid but it will be very late already.

It takes a special kind of risk taker to be an entrepreneur

Are you the kind of risk-taker that can run a business? There is no quick way to tell this as long as you don’t have any previous experience and a successful track record of successful risk taking. However, there are some great tools to find out a smart risk-taker. This business consultation tool takes various parameters into consideration from a questionnaire prepared with great care and analyses an individual’s ability to take risks. This will be the most realistic feedback you could get about your ability to take the right risks and run a business.

Valuater.io– your key to successful venturing

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