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By using Valuater, you will get a professional set of financial tools in order to calculate your company's valuation. This way, you can maximize your business, save precious time, get work done efficiently, and show your investors the potential of your startup.

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Inputting your business data will help you forecast financial values about the future of your business. Receive all your data and get the needed help on making the right decision.

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Risk Assessment

Analyse the risk assessment of the segmented risk factor and the overall risk assessment of your company.

Loans & Financing

Calculate and report carefully several key variables of the variable and fixed costs in order to obtain the loan installment.

Financial Ratio Analysis

Decide about the expected growth of the turnover, and several characteristics such as the Net Book Value, the Intangibles, the Depreciation, etc.

Firm Valuation

Choose between two approaches regarding the valuation of your new investment or company.

Decision Making

Analyze the investment decision by adoption of the Net Present Value and the Internal Rate of Return approach.

Thorough Reporting

Get all tools exported and printed in a pdf for easy viewing anytime - online or offline.

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Inspect Status

Glance on all your financial projections and completion progress in Valuater's dashboard menu.

Fill in data

Filling in your business data is way more fun and entertaining than filling in boring spreadsheets.

Change and Compare

Change values, tactics, decisions and see what happens with each change.